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TUS Umbrella Ltd - Straight-forward payroll accounting

Our primary and distinct objective is to provide our customers in the United Kingdom, with a professional, efficient and effective payroll service to a high standard of excellence, in harmony with sound business practice, and in accordance with established legal practice

Our achievement is based on a systematic approach through the adoption of clear and distinct objectives, for TUS, and directing and managing the attainment of those objectives.

Our operation centralises the customer as the keystone of our success. Any business prospers because its customers prosper and that consideration alone defines the ethics of our total operation.

Our singular and distinct purpose is to satisfy the legitimate needs and desires of our customers, who are of primary importance to us.

We acknowledge that our profitability and prosperity is related to, and dependent on, our ability to provide our customers with a reliable, accurate, efficient and cost-effective service. Our operation complies with sound ethical business practice, which is strictly observed.

Our enterprise prospers, and will continue to develop and prosper, based on these principles and policies.

Our Team

As a small company our ethos is centred on offering an approachable, personal service, provided by our knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated team. We are always happy to advise and assist, and will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

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