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TUS Expenses Guide - TUS Umbrella Ltd

In certain circumstances TUS Umbrella Ltd can pay you tax free expenses as reccompense for extra expenditure you have occurred.

By far the most likely of these is mileage expenses. This does NOT include travel to and from your normal place of work as detailed in the Work Order Request from the agency. Mileage expenses are not intended to form a normal part of your income. Only mileage travelled during your normal working hours to a purely temporary place of work are allowable. Higher mileage, (over 300miles per week), will require additional evidence, such as fuel receipts from points on the route.

Example: You usually work at Site A during this contract, one day you are asked to travel to Site B to ready a piece of work before it is transported to Site A. You drive your own car and pay your own fuel to reach Site B and return to Site A. The mileage that you incurred in both directions is an allowable expense.

You should complete our mileage expense claim form as soon as possible. The tax free mileage rate paid is set down by HMRC, £0.45 per mile for the first 10,000 miles in the tax year, £0.25 per mile thereafter. If the journey is made by motorcycle the rate is £0.24 per mile, by bicycle £0.20 per mile

If in doubt please contact us so that we can advise you in good time for the form and any receipts to be received and processed before the payment is made.

TUS Expenses Guide - TUS Umbrella Ltd

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